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Keeping a Positive mindset amidst the Pandemic

Updated: May 13, 2021

There were days when we feel like everything is fine. We’re happy with our family, our friends, jobs, and other miscellaneous activities that we have. Most of our lives were routine. We enjoyed our travels, free time, and other leisure in life. Then in a snap, the pandemic came.

In a span of days or weeks, the whole world changed. People were panic buying, some were worried about losing their jobs, some already lost their jobs, most of the countries’ borders closed, travel was restricted, and the news all over the world was plagued with the numbers for new COVID cases and the mounting number of deaths daily. Seems like everything has changed in an instant. Everywhere we look, there seems nothing good to see. We were confined in the walls of our houses. Days, weeks, months have passed, the struggle keeps getting harder and harder. One day restrictions were imposed, after a few weeks they get lifted, and then go back and forth. This is when we started feeling hopeless and exhausted, financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and everything in between.

Being at home for weeks or months made us realize a lot of things. That time is precious. We have to live every day as if it’s our last because tomorrow is not a promise. We also felt how important it is to be with our family. Being stuck with our family made us realize that they’re all that we need. We had time to make up for those times that we lost being with them because we’re too occupied by our work. We saw how even the rich people can’t use their money against this pandemic because we were all equal in this fight against the virus.

First, think of your family and loved ones who are always there, caring and loving you unconditionally. Know that there will always be a struggle and everyone has their own battle we know nothing about. So don’t feel like it’s only you who’s suffering. Everyone around you does, they just carry themselves like everything's okay. Keep away from the negatives thoughts, instead, think of something that will motivate you and for you to look forward to.

This may be a hard time for all of us. But it is still a matter of perspective. We have to come up with something that will make us look forward to tomorrow. We don’t expect anyone to fix our problems during this pandemic where everyone is struggling. So take care of yourself. Speak yourself. Love yourself.

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